Letter | Bikini Dust Up

Dear Editor:

For the last month anyone who will listen - from the police to city council members - have been listening to the bleatings of a person who was appalled that a bikini shop would hire bikini models.

The Sunday of The Annual Car Show, Bikini Beach, a twenty five year old company, hired 8 delightful women and put them in modest, fashionable bikinis to promote his business. Photos were taken with admirers, coupons for swimsuit discounts were handed out and smiles were abundant.

Then 1980's feminism raised it's sour puss.

A woman was aghast, AGHAST I TELL YOU, that girls would wear bikinis a block from the beach and in the middle of a classic car show. First she called to police to make a complaint, then she berated the girls, then she berated the shop owner. Getting no traction, she called the city, the car show organizers, city councilmembers and finally she organized a protest (See http://www.kirklandviews.com/archives/19649).

The aggrieved party was shocked that her 8 year-old son and husband were forced to endure the sight of these women. While I am certain it was a nightmare for these two males, I somehow think they'll live through their anguish.

As anyone can see from the photo above, the models were the very picture of girl-next-door beauty (marred only by the nasty old troll in the middle).

Thanks for reading,

John Gilday

P.S.: If you were at The Car Show and missed Bikini Beach's display, this Kirkland business was completely shrouded from view by tents sold by a Seattle promoter as part of Kirkland Uncorked. Even with the thousands of visitors to downtown Kirkland that weekend, the view-blocking tents caused this one merchant to LOSE 50% of a normal summer weekend's sales. The 'Artist's Tents' on Kirkland Avenue sold artwork like subscriptions, windows, gutter covers, chiropractic, grab bags and trinkets. There was no jury to determine who was appropriate for The Promenade. As long as they paid $300 to Kirkland Uncorked they were in and Kirkland merchants be damned!