Letter | confusion over Kirkland's bicycle lane striping

Dear Editor:

Seems the City has been busy restriping bike lanes. On Market street bike symbol is in the middle of traffic lane instead of a lane on the side of the traffic lane. One especially confusing is on Juanita Dr in front of Michaels. Bike lane all of a sudden cuts across a lane of traffic. Bicyclists are not staying in the bike lane here and I am not sure they understand either. Explanation could be informative.



Editor's note: The three photos below illustrate the author's point about how the right bike lane on Juanita Drive becomes the center bike lane at the intersection. The three photos were taken in succession while driving east on Juanita Drive. Note that the center bike lane is intended for bicyclists to continue straight through the intersection. Those turning right should use the right turn only lane. Some confusion may be added to the mix by the road sign shown in the second photo which makes two directives: Diamond (carpool) Right Lane and Bicycles Only. - Admin

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