Guest Commentary | One of those moments at Marina Park…. (photos)

[nggallery id=86] I totally experienced one of those moments last Thursday evening, ( Aug 5th 2010) that just makes you feel really glad you were, where you were.  My wife and I were heading down to the Kirkland Summer Concert Series at Marina Park in Kirkland and to be honest, I couldn’t even remember the name of the band that was going to be playing. As usual, I had some camera gear with me, but this night I actually brought a long lens (70-200 f2.8) and my mono-pod so I could sit on the hill and get some closer shots. So with a big towel laid out we sat and listened as the band was just getting started. I was just grabbing some shots of the band from about 100 feet away and we were really digging the sound of these guys.

Still Time is a band from San Luis Obispo California, and these guys were gettin it done for Kirkland! It wasn’t long into their set when I told my wife… “After their break I gotta get down closer and capture some of this, in the way I am hearing and feeling it.”

By the time they started playing  their second set, it must have been close to 8pm, and I had lost almost all the light that was going to make it possible to shoot them with that long lens, or at least that was my first thought. I knew as soon as I stared shooting in that low, late evening light, that the shots I was getting were exactly how I was feeling the music. This, my friends, is another one of those moments that is pretty freakin cool!

I ran the ISO up to 800 or even 1600 on some shots and was shooting wide open (f2.8). I was not looking at many of the shots on the display at this point, as I did not want to take my eye out of the viewfinder, it was just too good of a show!

To sum this up, I am going to be buying both albums from Still Time and if you are a local and you are not coming out to the concerts….. you are seriously missing out on some fantastic music! Websites you should go check out now…. Still Time website Kirkland Summer Concert on Kirkland Views Kirkland Summer Concerts website

Thanks for stopping by… Peace Jeff

Jeff Heinz is a guest contributor for Kirkland Views and a local photographer. Find Jeff on Twitter or see more of his photography at