KING5 | Goats found dead along Denny Creek in Finn Hill

KING5 is reporting that Tamera Kesterson of Finn Hill, found two of her goats dead on her property which straddles Denny Creek. The state is investigating the cause of the death of these animals which Kesterson treated as pets. Concerns remain for other animals or children playing in the area until the cause of death is identified.

"That's Curly," she says. "They all have collars with name tags and everything just like my dogs."

Kesterson says they were sweet docile animals that were like pets to her.

"I can bring the truck in and open the door and they'll jump in the truck. Like 'Let's go for a ride.'"

Kesterson immediately removed four other goats from the property that straddles Denny Creek. She said she noticed something different about the water.

"Last night you couldn't see through, nothing. It was white and murky. I've had this property for four months and it's never done this," says Kesterson.

The state's Department of Ecology came out to investigate. So far, a sample of the water revealed the pH balance is normal. Plus other wildlife don't seem to be bothered.