Letter | Enough is enough!

Dear Editor: Enough is enough!  For a few years now I’ve been wanting to respond in some way to Mr. Robert Style’s endless rants about anything and everything having to do with Kirkland’s governing decisions.  The last gripe of his-this time about Jane Hague- was the last straw needed to have me write this letter.

I have never in all the years I’ve known Mr. Style, observed him contributing one solitary thing to the betterment of Kirkland. Why doesn’t he get involved instead of incensed?

Honestly, I read two sentences of a letter to the editor, know that he is, once again, the author and I don’t even finish reading the letter.  I’d like to suggest that he lighten up, stop attacking our elected officials and provide some positive input instead of always complaining!

Jane Hague doesn’t need to apologize to anyone for her actions on behalf of all of us in Kirkland.  She is a true champion of the eastside and we are very fortunate to have her as our advocate.

Sue Contreras