Fun in the sun - Paddle Boarding along Kirkland's waterfront

[nggallery id=82] For those of us who don't spend every waking moment of our time in the water, stand up paddle boarding is a unique and eye-catching sport to watch. If you have spent much time along Kirkland's waterfront, you have probably seen paddle boarders gliding across the water. A cross between surfing and paddle boating, paddle boarding is not only fun to watch, its even more fun to try for yourself. They are rather like surfers without a surf or paddlers without a boat.

Kirkland's own Perfect Wave Surf Shop (8209 124th Ave. NE) is the only place on the Eastside where you can give paddle boarding a try. My family recently took stand up paddle boarding lessons from Perfect Wave and we had a blast. It was a fun way to learn a new water sport and get a workout at the same time.

Many times our family had seen paddle boarders cruising around the lake and we wondered what the sport was all about. While dining at the Beach House bar+grill last December, we watched in amazement as three paddle boarders cruised in the dark past the restaurant with twinkle lights on their paddles. The twinkling paddles were fun to watch as we waited for the Christmas Ships to arrive at Houghton Beach. It was that night my wife, Kate declared, "We have to try that out next summer!"

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This past June, when we saw Perfect Wave paddle boarding lessons as a bid item in a recent auction to help save Kirkland's 4th of July Fireworks, we were pleased to find we were the highest bidder. The recent warm weather made last week seem like the perfect time to cash in on our auction item, so we called Perfect Wave and scheduled our lessons. We met Bobby Arzadon, proprietor of Perfect Wave, who helped us pick out our equipment (a board and a paddle) and gave us lessons on how to use them. We then launched the boards in calm waters near downtown Kirkland. Bobby zipped around on his board showing us how to master the sport and giving tips where needed. By the end of the hour everyone had smiles on their faces and discussion of how soon we can again rent paddle boards. Well done, Bobby! The day we met Bobby, he had just returned from Kauai where he likes to test out new boards which he designs and sells. It sounds like a good business to me - work in the waters of Lake Washington, and do your research and development on the beaches of Kauai. Mahalo.

The following sales, rental and lesson information is from Perfect Wave's website:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Sales, Rentals & Lessons

At Perfect Wave, we offer sales of SUP boards. Since these SUP boards are such a large item, we also offer FREE DELIVERY of any SUP board if its in the Seattle area. Otherwise, some other arrangement can always be worked out if you need a board delivered to you.

SUP Lessons

We also offer lessons. SUP lesson are conducted in Kirkland and are $40.00 for one hour of instruction. One hour should be all you need to get started and feeling comfortable on the water on your own. We also offer a special discount, if you decide to purchase a SUP board, we give you your lesson fee ($40.00) credit towards the purchase of a board, if the purchase is within the same month.

SUP Rentals

SUP Boards are $45.00/day rental. We also offer a delivery and pick-up within the Kirkland area for $10.00 fee.

You can learn more about Perfect Wave and paddle boarding at:

Perfect Wave Surf Shop 8209 124th Ave. NE, Kirkland, WA 98033 Phone:  425-827-5323 Mon - Fri:  3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Sat:  10:00 am - 6:00 pm Sun:  12:00 pm - 6:00 pm