Kirkland cancels 2010 Fire Camp

Budget requires postponing the camp

Kirkland Fire Department’s 2010 Fire Camp for junior high and middle schools students, has been cancelled.

Fire Camp was funded primarily by participating families’ registration fees. Kirkland Firefighters Benevolent Association (KFFBA) contributed enough scholarship assistance to allow approximately half a dozen youths to attend, who would otherwise not be able to participate. The first year of Camp, in 2006, a Kirkland Youth Council grant paid for food and Camp shirts. The Fire Department covered the remaining expenses.

This year, the Department budget was insufficient to make any monetary contributions to the Camp. A number of meetings with prior Camp staff were conducted over a two month period to determine whether or not the Camp could sustain itself independent of City funds. It was determined this would be possible by making curriculum and staff changes that would reduce Camp expenses, yet maintain the quality of the youths’ experience. However, making the necessary changes, required additional months of planning and implementation, which could not be completed in time for the 2010 Camp.

Kirkland Fire Department expects to have a redesigned, self-sustaining Camp ready to serve our community’s youth beginning in 2011. Citizens are welcome to submit their family’s name and contact information to the Camp coordinator, so they can be notified of the dates of the next approved Camp. To do so, they may call Robin Paster at 425-587-3659 or write