Juanita 'In Motion' promotes reduced driving, more walking and biking

Juanita ‘In Motion’ program rewards healthy travel choices

King County Metro Transit is launching an “In Motion” program in the Juanita area to entice residents to get around by walking, cycling, riding the bus, and sharing rides. Program participants receive detailed travel information and earn rewards when they reduce their driving over a period of time.

During the third week of July, residents in Juanita are receiving an In Motion mailer with information about local travel options that emphasize the health, cost-savings and community benefits of driving less. The mailing features a neighborhood map showing bus routes throughout the Juanita area, and destinations that are reachable by a short bike ride or walk.

Residents are invited to register as participants to receive more information and free ride tickets for Metro Transit and Sound Transit. If they pledge to drive less, they can earn rewards through until mid-November. Local merchants benefit, too, from the increased emphasis on shopping locally.

Community partners in the Juanita In Motion program include Sustainable Kirkland and the City of Kirkland.

Over the past six years, Metro’s grant-funded In Motion program has reached residents in more than 20 King County neighborhoods. Metro estimates the popular programs have reduced more than 1.3 million miles of driving, 66,000 gallons of gas, and 674 tons of CO2 emissions.

Information is available online at www.kingcounty.gov/inmotion or by calling the In Motion hotline at 206-296-3455.