House fire on 70th Pl and 130th NE reported by eyewitness Wednesday night (video)


At approximately 9:30 PM on Wednesday evening, a house fire broke out in the vicinity of 70th and 130th NE in Kirkland.

Thank you to Councilmember Bob Sternoff for sending us these photos.

Firefighters are battling a fire that spread from a two-story home to surrounding evergreen trees. Smoke from the blaze could be seen for miles around. Neighbors said the residents of the home escaped injuries, and no other injuries have been reported.


The fire spread to tall trees and then to the second story of a neighboring residence. Inside the second house were a married couple, two dogs and a cat.

The couple evacuated, but firefighters needed to rescue the cat.

Firefighters kept the fire in the second house from spreading beyond the second floor, Paster said, but the abandoned house could not be saved. Investigators have not yet said what caused the fire.

On Sunday, four people were arrested by Kirkland Police Department for being in the home, but fire authorities do not know if that incident is related."

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