Kirkland National Little League Outscore Opponents 40-0 to Become District 9 Champions

Kirkland National Little League (KNLL) wins their fourth straight game to claim the District 9 title 12-0 over Eastlake. Brynn Radke and Talia Starr combined to score half of the runs (3 each). Kristina Warford and Sophia Swain each hit a double. The team combined for 10 hits in the 4 innings played with Talia Starr and Alyxa Blackburn each getting 2 hits. Lisa Nelson pitched her third no hitter of the tournament (Wow!) racking up 41 strikeouts in the 4 games. Adding up the scores, KNLL outscored opponents 40-0. Congratulations District 9 Champions!

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Thank you to Laura Galloway for sharing this with us.