Letter | Annexation promises will be broken

At the Council study session last night, the Council heard from staff what was being proposed for the annexation area.  It was clear that the people in the annexation area are being jerked around regarding impact fees, boundaries, and zoning.  I don't think that’s what they voted for. Staff is conducting meetings in the area.  I would suggest that whatever comes out of those meetings will more than likely not be included in what the Council wants.  Such was true in adoption of the Shoreline Master Program and will be true of the Lake View neighborhood advisory committee suggestions.  They did not listen to or adopt what the residents wanted.  The Council is merely placating neighborhoods in an attempt to seemingly care about what happens to the people who live there.  They are insincere and will pursue more government control.

The CFP (Capital Facilities Plan) has yet to be formulated.  It requires levels of service to be established throughout the city by 2014.  Since the annexation area does not have the same level of service, the city residents will be expected to pony up for the upgrade.  This will be particularly true even though the police chief has yet to disclose the response time expected throughout the city and the annexation area.  We don't know what he wants and why he wants it.  Everyone will pay including existing residents who will subsidize the added services and capital improvements.

Bob Style