Kirkland's 4th of July fireworks and parade are saved!

For many years, Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet has championed Celebrate Kirkland, the organization which manages the 4th of July events in town. This year, the parade and fireworks display were dropped from the City budget and businesses and individuals picked up the slack. There were several efforts around town to raise the $50,000 needed for the 4th of July celebration. On Friday night, the celebration was secured with proceeds from an auction held at The Grape Choice.

Have we met our goal?  Yes, we met our downsized, cut to the bare bone budget of $50K.  Once we hit $50K we could cover the fireworks and have a slim parade.

On Friday night at our thrown together, seat of the pants,  last minute Auction we made over 6K less some expenses.  So many thanks to so many people!

Our original budget was for $65K  and we are now closing on $60K.  As we get closer I am restoring some of the cuts-  music in the park, flags, decorations, things for the thousands of kids that attend and anything we have left over will go to purchasing new flags for the city in 2011.  We purchased 100 flags several years ago and are down to a mere 25 or so that fly throughout town now.

Penny Sweet

Many thanks to all of the individuals and businesses around town who helped secure funding for the 4th of July!

To volunteer, please call or e-mail Armene Wegener at 425-827-2355 or