Kamiakin Students Win National Science League Competition

Kamiakin Junior High’s ninth grade team recorded a first place finish in the National Science League competition for ninth grade General Science. There were many outstanding scores on this team including the number one score in the national competition from Nick Jensen.

This year, all science students at Kamiakin participated in the National Science League competition. The competition is a timed 35-minute, 50-question multiple choice test. The top ten scores from each grade level are sent in as a “team” score and compared with other teams across the country. The seventh and eighth grade teams from Kamiakin represented themselves well in the national competition and placed in the top half of each grade level.

National Competition Teams:

Seventh Grade TeamRachel Eakins, Meghan Gifford, Jeremy Harrison, Michali Izhaky, Breanna McGehee, Seth Peterson, Nate Thrasher, and Henrik Wiersholm

Eighth Grade Team: Tom Claypool, Chad Gates, Kyle Grichel, Gabrielle Hsu, Elena Plenefisch, Matt Saathoff, Max Slusher, and Melvin Soetrisno

Ninth Grade Team: Mitchell Friedrich, Ty Griffith, Nick Jensen, Stephen Johnson, Colin Pate, Molly Steck, Tony Tran, Reid Watson, and James Xu.

Other Top Grade Level Performers:

Seventh Grade: Robbie Laughlin, Bruce Lee, Steven Nguyen, and Josh Warnick; Eighth Grade: Megan Harrison, and Stuart Kobashigawa; Ninth Grade: Emma Frostad, Taylor Gentile, Lucas Kristiansen, Nick Lemmer, Matthew Stone, and Ryan Walter