Aerial Photo of Controversial Development Projects in Downtown Kirkland

As the controversial five story development on the corner of Kirkland Ave. and Lake Street South nears completion (A), the re-conceptualized McLeod development (B) completes the demolition phase of the building which housed Calabrisella Italian restaurant. Work on the planned Hector's remodel phase with rooftop deck has yet to commence. Standing well above the construction stands another controversial development in its day, The Portsmith condominiums (C). When each of these three projects was approved by the City, it caused an uproar between competing factions with differing views of how Kirkland's downtown should look. Much of the controversy centered around the the issue of building height in the downtown core. The citizen response to these projects, and the Lake and Central development controversy included appeals and and lead the council to enact building moratoriums. As a result, downtown developments have profoundly affected Kirkland politics over the past several years.

Aerial photo courtesy of John Michael Gilday.