KAC Links Invitational Opening Reception June 11

The KAC Links Invitational brings together a group of 12 artists to transform the KAC Gallery into a playable, nine-hole miniature golf course.  Working within loosely defined boundaries, the artists (and artist groups) respond to notions of accessibility, sport, and the balance between art and entertainment.  The exhibition aims to connect a wider audience to contemporary approaches in art-making by challenging visitors directly with something partially familiar.  By adhering (mostly) to an established format and set of rules, this exhibition already meets even the most distant arts participant half way. 

The KAC Links Invitational also parallels the arena of art with that of sport.  Both share qualities of a game or contest: practice, competition, audience, judgment, awards, and celebrity, for example.  Both have heroes and villains, immortality for innovators, contempt for "selling out", and countless individuals analyzing and interpreting every move. What does Ichiro's pre-season swing say about rest of his season?  What does the recent Whitney Biennial say about cultural currents?

Rather than admire from a distance, the audience is invited to participate in this exhibition hands-on.  Viewer becomes participant, playing through considerations of art, entertainment, and functionality. The result will be a negotiation of form and function, fun and frustration, as gallery visitors become competitors. All of this is par for the course.

Save the date: Saturday, July 24, 6 - 9 PM KAC Links Masters' Closing Ceremonies (For details, email us,  or call us at 425.822.7161 x 107)