Juanita High School Takes First Place in Washington Strongest School Competition

A team from Juanita High School (JHS), including students from Finn Hill Junior High (FHJH), took first place in the first annual Washington Strongest School Competition sponsored by Maximum Sports Conditioning and the Austin Foundation on May 22. Participants not only brought home a large trophy but also received scholarships of $500 each. Ten teams representing schools around the area competed. The winning team included: from JHS: Kate Cryderman, Sabrina Grandke-Bawab, Austin Hilliker,  Jeremiah Laufasa, Matt Nilsson and Cody Treddenbarger; from FHJH: Jade Finau and Theresa Laufasa. Students competed in eight events, including Tug of War, Wheel Barrow, Sand Bag Toss, Agility Race, Shopping Cart Relay, Backward 300 Yard Shuttle, Shopping Cart Bear Crawl, and Tractor Tire Flip.