Lake Ave West residents petition city to prevent access from Heritage Park to Lake Washington

A group of 35 homeowners who live along Lake Avenue West are petitioning the City of Kirkland not to implement construction of steps leading from Heritage Park down the hill to the water where the City has a small lakefront park. Lake Avenue West is a dead end street which begins near Heritage Hall where Central Way and Market Street meet.

Heritage Park is a large multi-use park with tennis courts, children's toys, parking, and lots of open space. The park has a steep bank along the west side where the City plans to build a stairway to provide access to a small lakefront park at the end of Lake Avenue West. Currently, the waterfront park is under utilized  and few people use it due in large part to its location - on a dead end street.

The petition will be presented to the City Council as agenda item 6-c at the Tuesday, June 1 Kirkland City Council meeting. In part, the petition reads,

We, the Citizens of the City of Kirkland, and residents of Lake Ave West, Kirkland Washington, petition the City of Kirkland not to implement the construction of  steps that would join Heritage Park to the small park at the north end of Lake Avenue West, now, or in the future. We believe that it would compromise the safety of the residents from vandalism, thefts, and increased drug activity that is currently a nuisance at night, on Lake Avenue West...

You may download and read the entire petition by following this link.

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