Help keep Kirkland Beautiful and receive a complimentary night at the Heathman Hotel

One Good Deed...

It's been said that "one good deed deserves another" but really - what does that mean? We've searched for definitions and found this intriguing thought on the philosophy: "It's the empowerment of a person to execute, inspiring the recipient to carry out an electrifying global movement of one good deed daily".

For 2010, The Heathman Executive Team decided our "good deed" is to focus volunteer efforts and adopt Heritage Park as our "Adopt a Park" program. Employees of The Heathman Hotel roll up our sleeves, put on some gloves and worked to improve this incredible park as a part of a year-long commitment with the City of Kirkland Parks Department. In total, Heathman Hotel employees will donate approximately 1000 man hours in our effort to "Keep Kirkland Beautiful!" Located just 4 blocks from the Heathman, the 10.12-acre Heritage Park is filled with trails, displays and an historic meeting hall, all set against the scenic backdrop of Lake Washington. It is also currently home to two nesting bald eagles that often act as "supervisors" to our monthly efforts.

Become part of our work crew and join us monthly (last Friday of every month from 8 am - 2 pm*). At the end of the day, you'll receive a gift card for a complimentary one night weekend stay**...we'll even provide you complimentary parking for your car or transportation via a Swobo Urban bike (ok, it's only a 2 minute ride but after work, you can take off on any number of trails along Lake Washington!). All equipment is provided and the list of tasks varies however, always includes a good time.

To book our One Good Deed package, contact Laura Chance, Revenue Manager @ 425.284.5800.