Kirkland Crime Rate Drops Considerably

The Kirkland Police Department has been hard at work fighting crime and the results are in: In 2009, violent crime was down 39% and property crime dropped by 15%. The results are great news for everyone in Kirkland. Across the board, crime of all types diminished in 2009.

When comparing crime statistics between cities, one must consider how individual police departments prioritize their duties given their unique populations, demographics, levels of service, staffing levels and community standards. For instance, Kirkland places a high priority on DUI enforcement, while other cities may not. As a result, Kirkland has a reputation for being a place where one best not drink and drive.

Compared with state averages, Kirkland's crime rate is relatively low. The actual numbers are so low in fact, that even a small change year over year creates a large percentage of change. The lower crime rate is good news for Kirkland and reflects well upon the Police Department. Thank you to the Kirkland Police Department for your dedication and hard work.