Carillon Woods Restoration Event Saturday, May15

Please join other Green Kirkland Partnership volunteers at Carillon Woods where an EarthCorps crew will be providing training to restore the forest and remove harmful invasive plants. Some volunteers will also be weeding the Kirkland Wildlife Habitat Team’s native butterfly lifecycle garden at the park. Date: Saturday May 15 Time: 9 a.m. until Noon

Place: Carillon Woods Park (5429 106th Ave NE., Kirkland). Directions are given below or on the right. Please try to arrive early to find street parking and allow time for sign-in.

Sponsor: Snacks from Village Mart, 12116 Juanita Drive.

Suitable for: Adults, Teens, Families. Minors under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult. Youth 14 to 17 years should be accompanied by an adult, or bring a signed waiver form, or a parent/guardian to sign you in. Youth waiver forms can be obtained in advance from the City or EarthCorps websites.

EarthCorps will be managing the event. Please sign up at the EarthCorps website. Advance signup is important for planning purposes. However, volunteers who show up on the day are also welcome. Please contact project manager Lina Rose if you have questions about the event,, 206-322-9296 x 225.

Tools: EarthCorps and Kirkland Parks will provide tools and equipment.

Continuing the Green Kirkland Partnership is made possible through a grant from King Conservation District. For more information on the Partnership please check out the city'sGreen Kirkland web page and Cascade Land Conservancy's web page.