County Council Budget Committee to hear public comment on proposed sales tax ballot measure

The Metropolitan King County Council’s Budget and Fiscal Management Committee will hold it first public hearing TOMORROW on proposed legislation to send to voters a 2/10th of one percent sales tax increase to keep current levels of public safety and health services:

Tuesday, May 4

1:30 p.m.

Council Chambers

10th floor, King County Courthouse

Third and James Streets The meeting will also be carried LIVE on King County TV, Comcast and Broadstripe Cable channel 22. This is the first of two opportunities the public will have to speak to the Budget Committee about the proposal from the County Executive to place a local option sales tax increase for criminal justice and related services before voters in August. The Budget Committee will hold a special meeting on Thursday, May 13.

If adopted, the increase would generate approximately $47 million in revenue for King County in 2011, allowing the County to maintain current service levels of programs for the Sheriff’s Office, the King County Prosecutor and the Superior and District Courts. An additional $30 million in revenue from the levy would also be allocated to the 39 cities within King County based on their population.

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