Letter | Governent runs amok in waste water

By Robert L. Style

I read that King County wants to raise higher waste water rates by 10.2 percent.  Why?

They already raised our rates by $14.00 per month to pay for the Brightwater sewer project that is millions in overrun.  Now they want more probably to pay for it.  Are we being asked to pay for King County’s management mistakes?  Many homes that already hooked up to sewer will not benefit.

The reimbursement for the cost of living is not keeping up with the cost of living increases.  King County’s 10.2 requests is a good example.  Last year, Kirkland raised our utility rates by 31.8%. Adding this increase makes it 42% in two years.  There was a reason why the citizens voted no when the city put a utility tax increase on the ballot.

In Kirkland, if the raise applies to the basic rate plus usage, it amounts to more than $3.14 per month at a time when those on fixed income have not received any pay raises.   At the same time, their Medicare cost is going through the roof.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to absorb the increase, it still makes it harder for everyone to sustain their quality of life.   Government has run amok in spending.  Waste water increases are just one example especially if the increase is due to management mistakes.

Bob Style