Waste Management | Teamsters on Strike: Company focuses on customer communications and contingency plan

After more than two months of contract negotiations, Waste Management was disappointed by the Teamsters Local 174 decision to strike today.

“We are disappointed that the Union has chosen to strike and negatively impact the public in this way. This simply was not necessary, especially considering that we had offered to meet this Friday and the Union did not respond,” said Jackie Lang of Waste Management. “In fact, Union Leadership contacted us earlier in the week indicated that they may allow the drivers to vote on the contract this weekend. Quite frankly, we were anticipating that the Union would hold a vote this weekend to ratify the contract.”

The company is now focused on customer communications and its contingency plan.

Collection Schedules Not knowing the length of this strike, we encourage customers to place their materials at the curb according to their regular collection schedule, Lang said. “If your material is not collected by the end of the day, bring it in and we will collect a double load on your next collection day. Please check our website for the latest collection information at www.wmnorthwest.com.”

Unfair Labor Charges The Unfair Labor Practice charges that the Union is referencing are more than two weeks old, and two of the charges have already been withdrawn. “These are typical Union tactics designed to prevent people from focusing on the key economic issues. We are confident that the remaining charges will also be found to be without merit,” commented Lang.