ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on 1982 Little League World Series and All-Star Kirkland Little League needs you!


Do you have fond memories of the 1982 Little League World Series? Why don't you share your memories with ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series which is coming to Kirkland next week?

ESPN will be in Kirkland on Wednesday and Thursday, April 14 and 15 filming interviews of Kirkland residents who can recall the 1982 Little League World Series when the All-Star Kirkland Little League team triumphed over Taiwan. Jacob Eben of Red Line Films in New York City was visiting Kirkland a few months ago to scout locations and meet with various contributors to the project. Now they are ready to shoot the documentary here in ESPN-30-for-30Kirkland starting Wednesday, April 14.

ESPN 30 for 30 is looking for residents of Kirkland who:

  • were around Kirkland in 1982;
  • do not have a familial relation to the players from the 1982 team;
  • who remember this amazing period in Little League Baseball and are willing to share it.

If the above describes you, then they need you for a "man on the street" interview. Please contact Jacob Eben at 212-257-6208.

ESPN is currently running a documentary series “30 for 30,” covering 30 historic sports stories from the last 30 years. One of the documentaries airing this summer will be about the All-Star Kirkland Little League baseball team that triumphed over Taiwan in the 1982 Little League World Series. We are currently searching for Kirkland Residents who lived in the area during this momentous point in Little League History. Do you have a memory you would like to share? Were you in grade school with any of these players? Were you one of the 20,000 people who attended the celebration of this team at the Marina on Sunday, 29 August 1982? Share your story with us. Do you have any home movies of this historic team on and off the field—or film of Kirkland’s parks and downtown areas from the mid 1970s through the early 1980s? These materials may be very helpful to the progression of this wonderful project. If you are interested in contributing to this film please call Red Line Films and 212.257.6208 and ask for Jacob Eben

1982 Little League World Champions Honored at Plaza of Champions

The Plaza of Champions in Marina Park was initiated in 1988 to honor and recognize those groups and individuals in the greater Kirkland area who have not only reached the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen field, but have also, through that achievement, contributed in a significant way to our community. This contribution may be in providing state, national, or international recognition for Kirkland and its residents, and/or improving the quality of life for a significant segment of the greater Kirkland community.

Honorees are inducted in a public ceremony and have a bronze plaque installed in their honor at the Plaza of Champions in Marina Park.

The following is from the City of Kirkland Honoree Achievements webpage:

- Little League World Champions Inducted 1989

In June of 1982, coaches from the Kirkland National Little League Association gathered to choose an all-star team to compete in the upcoming district tournament. No one knew just how far the team would go over the next two months. They practiced twice a day while the coach and manager took leave from work so they could prepare the team. Soon after, the all-star team had won district and state championships. Once they had won the title, it was off to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After beating out other teams for the chance to play in the World Championship and with family and friends in the stands and millions of others viewing from home, the Kirkland All-Stars beat Taiwan 6-0 and were crowned the .

Don Cochran - Manager Bill Cook Taikan Sekine
Pat Downs - Coach Chad Hartvigson Mark Swain
Mike Adams Erik Jonson Perry Travis
Brian Avery David Keller Cody Webster
Gibbie Black Greg Miller
Shawn Cochran Mark Peterson