Four Kirkland women and children murdered in 2006 during alcohol blackout says defense witness


Defense testimony in the trial of the brutal 2006 murder and arson of a Kirkland family claims defendant has no memory of the murders.

The Seattle Times is reporting that a defense witness in the Conner Schierman murder trial has testified that the violent deaths of the Milkin family in 2006 took place during an alcohol-related blackout.

Conner Schierman awoke face down on a stranger's bed, unsure of why he was surrounded by blood.

He got up and walked into the hallway of the strange house, where he immediately encountered the bodies of two children.

Schierman shakily continued through the home and found the body of a woman at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Minutes later, he found another slain woman in a bedroom.

The Kirkland man said he had no idea where he was on that July 2006 day and what violent act led to the four deaths, according to psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Saxon, who testified Thursday for the defense.

The Seattle Times


Photo source: Milkin House Facebook page

According to testimony in the trial, the defense believes Schierman may have consumed more than a liter of vodka prior to the violent murders. Schierman has stated that after he surveyed the blood and bodies in the Milkin house, he took a shower, walked home to change clothes and drove to a store where he bought two containers of gasoline. He returned to the Milkin home and set it on fire. He then returned to his home to take a nap.

If Schierman is convicted of the murder charges, he could face the death penalty.

A Facebook page devoted to the community effort to complete the rebuild of the Milkin home is at:

Photo used with permission of The Seattle Times.