Kirkland woman charged with credit card theft using it for plastic surgery


Prosecutors say that she used the stolen credit card for tummy tuck surgery and to buy $11,000 in electronics

According to the, a Kirkland woman is accused of stealing a co-worker's credit card and using it for plastic surgery and then trying to buy more than $11,000 at Bellevue's Best Buy store. Alexandra Polack, a 39-year-old medical assistant living in Kirkland, has been charged with felony identity theft.

Clinic staff told investigators Polack had attempted to schedule the surgery a month before but was unable to come up with the required 15 percent down payment. She returned shortly after the credit card theft saying she could now make the payments.

Having learned police were investigating the unusual activity, Polack attempted to dissuade her coworker and the plastic surgeon from working with detectives, prosecutors claim.

"Polack admitted to (her coworker) that she had stolen her card and apologized," Detective Molly R. Spellman told the court. "Polack begged (her) not to involve the police in the matter, citing the fact that (Polack) had two young children to take care of."