119 school employees call in sick in protest and wont get paid for day off


LWSD says union violation of contract is "tantamount to a theft of public funds"


On Tuesday, KOMONews.com ran a story detailing how 119 Lake Washington School District secretaries and office workers called in sick en masse to make a point regarding contract negotiations. The district has responded that it is refusing to pay office personnel who violated their contract by falsely claiming a sick day.

"We understood action of the union taking sick leave without being sick is a violation of the contract. We will not be paying them for that day." said Kathryn Reith with the Lake Washington School District (LWSD), "This is a big deal. If you're staying out sick and really not, that is tantamount to a theft of public funds."

The faked sick day by 119 employees was a tactic which seems to have backfired. The LWSD and the Lake Washington Educational Support Personnel (LWESP) seem to be at loggerheads. Contract negotiations between the two organizations have dragged on for thirteen months.

This video was posted on KOMONews.com:

The LWESP Local, representing 177 LWSD office/school professionals, has posted the following statement on their website:


Lake Washington Superintendent Chip Kimball is trying to set a new example for how low bad bosses can go. Under Kimball’s direct supervision, Lake Washington administrators are going on air to spew lies about our support staff. According to Kimball, if you didn’t make it into work Monday, you’re a thief.

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