PSE Substation controversy continues with claims of unsafe EMF radiation

PSESubstation The Kirkland neighbors of a new Puget Sound Energy (PSE) substation in Juanita continue to make their case to other neighbors, the City Council, the media - anyone who will listen. They have lodged complaints against City Hall, the permitting process and PSE.  Their complaints are not just about the process and damages to their homes. Now their concern is for their health. The adjacent property owners claim the substation in their back yards is emitting dangerously high electromagnetic field (EMF) levels and is hazardous to their health. Q13Fox has a story about the EMF levels and how those living next door to the PSE substation claim their health is at risk. The adjacent property owners have been petitioning the Kirkland City Council for months to find relief. Their complaints to the city have included the original siting of the substation, damage to their homes during construction of the substation and now health risks from the station being located so close to their homes. They say they are not looking to get rich from their protests. Some would prefer that PSE purchase their homes so they can move elsewhere.

Despite neighbors' objections the City of Kirkland gave PSE permission to build the power station near the original one just down the street. Only this one is bigger and closer, so close that vibrations from the construction of it caused cracks in people's walls and foundations. It happened in Patrick McClusky's home.

"Mine is somewhere 20 to $30,000 worth of damage," said McClusky.

PSE says it's working with homeowners on repairs but that doesn't make them feel any better about their health.

Even though PSE put up a big wall to shield the substation all of that EMF is still flowing into their yards and homes and that has Michelle McClusky very concerned.

"I don't want to destroy my health because of something someone else is doing to me," said McClusky.

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