LWSD | News from the Schools – March 5, 2010

Redmond High School Student to Perform at Benaroya Hall

Koyo Kim, a student at Redmond High School, will solo on the violin with the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall on Saturday, March 13, on the “Discover Music: Peter and the Wolf” morning concert.  Pat Cashman is the narrator for Peter and the Wolf. Koyo is also on the program performing the second movement of the Prokofiev Violin Concerto with the Seattle Symphony. You can buy tickets to this event on the Seattle Symphony Web site.

Redmond High School’s Student Store Awarded Gold Level Certification

DECA International recently awarded the DECA-operated student store at Redmond High School (RHS) with Gold Level Re-certification for 2010.Grace Brady, the DECA advisor, Fayette Radoll, an IA, and the marketing students at RHS worked on the re-certification. The store will be recognized at DECA’s upcoming International Career Development Conference in Louisville, Ky., in April.

Dickinson Elementary Wins $5,000 in Mission: 10,000 Rockets Contest

Every great invention starts with a simple drawing. That was the premise around the 10,000 Rockets contest, sponsored by Artsonia and Bing. This educational program invited students to celebrate the launch of the Delta II rocket carrying the World View-II satellite, which will capture high-resolution images for Bing, by drawing the rocket of tomorrow. The first 10,000 drawings submitted are published in the Mission: 10,000 Rocketsbook, which will be sold on Artsonia.comEmily Dickinson Elementary is one of eight schools from around the country randomly selected to receive a $5,000 donation and 1/8 of the book proceeds from Bing and Artsonia. David Meisner’s sixth grade class sent in more than the 20 minimum drawings entered into the contest.

Redmond Teams Win Big at VEX Robotics Competition

The VEX Robotics Competition was held for the second year in a row in Redmond. Thirty teams from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia competed in the head-to-head tournament and two different "Skills Challenges."  The Exothermic Robotics Club from Redmond High represented Lake Washington School District at the event.

Teams of three to 10 students build one robot for the competition. The robots are typically a little less than an 18" cube, and weigh 10-25 pounds. There were 45 qualifying rounds, then quarterfinal, semifinal, and final rounds. In the finals, five of the six robots competing were from the Exothermic Robotics Club.

The Redmond High students on the winning alliance were:

  • Number One Member Team (575) - David Tyler (team captain), Paul CretuStefan MellemPreetum Nakkiran, Ranjan PradeepMatthew Toivonen, and Micah Zeitz.
  • Number Two Member Team (10Q) - Tara Balakrishnan (team captain), Maya BalakrishnanRaluca Ifrim, and Edward Zhang.

The Second Place Alliance (called the Finalist Alliance) consisted of three teams from Exothermic Robotics:

  • Team 10B, consisting of six students from Redmond Junior High: Sohum Chaudhary (leader), Daniel Fang, Samvit Jain, Ishan Ranade, Sean Yang, and Joshua Ye.
  • Team 10X, a mixed team of students from four schools, including: Ben Morrison and Joshua Shepherd, both from RHS.
  • Team 10D, consisting of four students from Redmond High School: Luke Duncan, Duy Duong, Michael Koeppen and Timothy Yong.

The competition also presented the following awards:

  • The Excellence Award for the best all-around team went to Team 10X.
  • The Programming Skills Award for excellence in programming a robot went to Team 10B.
  • The Robot Skills Award for excellence in human control of a robot went to Team 575.
  • The Amaze Award for outstanding robot construction went to Team 10Q.
  • The Judges Award was given to a team for a unique robot feature. It went to Team 10V from Redmond Junior HighVita Shubin (leader),Lydia Hsu, Jennie Kim, Archana Mandara, Alex Minsk and Abby Yeo.

Lake Washington High School Students Participate in Robotics Surgery Competition Three Lake Washington High School students participated in the Robotics Surgery Competition at Overlake Hospital with seven other eastside schools on Thursday, February 26, 2010. The students were trying out the da Vinci Surgical System at Overlake Hospital Medical Center. The three students are Kevin Gutierrez, Curtis Reid and Joshua Tzucker.  All three students are members of the Robotics class at Lake Washington High School taught by Milo Dullum.

Students participated in a challenge to see who was fastest at completing certain tasks with the $2 million machine, which is designed to perform minimally invasive operations. This machine allows patients to have less intrusive surgery; patients see less scaring and have a faster recovery time with less time spent in the hospital.

The three students participated in two exercises operating the machine. Both exercises involve robotically manipulating rubber “O” rings over and around a small fixture while watching their progress through a 3D-HD monitor / operation console. All three students did well operating the robotic fingers. The students tested their abilities with skill-building tasks that actual surgeons use while training on the da Vinci system.

"It felt natural, like using my own arms," Lake Washington High School student Curtis Reid. "You can just pick up the objects and go right there."

More Schools Work to Help Haiti Franklin Elementary held a six-day coin drive from February 17-24. The funds collected were donated to Unicef through Coin Star with 100 percent of the proceeds going to women and children in Haiti. Students on the Leadership team (with the help of advisors Natalya Freimanis and Sueyoung Dalan) advertised the fundraiser through posters, morning announcements, and a broadcast on KFN (the school’s monthly news show). Over the six days, the students collected a total of $1,029.76.

City of Redmond Installs Sculpture at Redmond Junior High The city of Redmond installed a sculpture, called “Bear” at Redmond Junior High (RJH) on Thursday, March 4, 2010. The artist, James Madison, was present, working with four members of the City of Redmond Parks Department crew. The piece will be at RJH until at least June 2011, in partnership with the Redmond Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. This sculpture is the second installed at RJH through this partnership.