Official results, Lake Washington School District ballot measures


Lake Washington School District Levies Pass, Bond Fails

School board to determine next steps

The results of the February 9 election are now final according to King County Elections and Lake Washington School District passed two of three measures on the ballot.

The Replacement of Existing Educational Programs and Operations Levy passed by a margin of 61.63 percent yes votes to 38.37 percent no votes. The Replacement of Existing Capital Projects Levies passed by a margin of 59.11 percent yes votes to 40.89 percent no votes. Both of these replacement levies needed a simple majority, 50 percent plus one vote, to pass. These two levies provide about one fifth of the district’s operating budget and pay for both technology and major facilities work.

The proposed general obligation bonds garnered 55.67 percent yes votes and 44.33 percent no votes. This measure needed a 60 percent super majority to pass and it did not gain that amount.

“I’m pleased that the two replacement levies passed,” noted Jackie Pendergrass, school board president. “These two items are critical to providing the basic services our students need. We are, of course, disappointed that the bond did not pass and will have to determine next steps.”

“The bond proposal was driven by fact that we have schools without room to house all of their students. Moving to a grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12 configuration would provide additional space for students at our overcrowded elementary schools, “ noted Dr. Chip Kimball, superintendent. “We will now have to determine how to provide enough space for these students in the short term, as we continue to discuss all of the possibilities for housing these students in the future.”