City of Kirkland seeks federal grant funding; asks community leaders for help

LetterofSupport The City of Kirkland is seeking federal grants for four community projects and it is asking community leaders to write letters of support. The following letter was sent to various individuals in our community:

Community Leader:

SUBJECT:  City Seeks Federal Grant Funding, Legislator Letters Due to City Hall by next Tuesday, February 16.

The City of Kirkland is seeking funding for four very important community projects.  Each contributes significantly to the continued safety, security, and economic vitality of the Kirkland community.  Many of you were involved in last year’s process and will remember writing letters of support for Kirkland’s requests .  Please help give Kirkland’s chances a boost by submitting a new letter of support (or refresh last year’s letter) for these projects (full project descriptions listed at the bottom of this email):

1)     NE 120th Street extension

2)     116th Ave NE Non-Motorized Project

3)     Emergency Services Training

4)     City Hall/Public Safety Expansion

Attached are two sample letter templates.  Help us communicate Kirkland’s enthusiasm for these federal appropriates requests by writing letters to your legislators (names listed on attached sample letters).  Submit your signed/original letter to:

Erin Leonhart

Intergovernmental Relations Manager

Kirkland City Hall,  City Manager’s Office

123 Fifth Avenue

Kirkland, WA 98033-6189

Thank you for considering this important call for help.  For more information about the application process contact Erin Leonhart, 425-587-3009.  Or feel free to give me a call.

NE 120th Street extension

This capital request helps fund the completion of a key “missing link” in the transportation network of the Totem Lake area of Kirkland. This project is a vital component of the City’s overall economic development strategy by providing essential infrastructure to serve the Totem Lake urban center and improve the connectivity in the area.  The Totem Lake area is the economic engine of Kirkland, with retail sales from the area generating one-third of the City’s overall sales tax revenue.  Totem Lake is also an important center for high-wage jobs associated with the existing university, high-tech, and bio-tech/medical institutions and research companies in the area.

116th Ave NE Non-Motorized Project

This capital request helps fund completion of bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian facilities south along 116th Ave NE between the Houghton Park & Ride and similar facilities that start at Bellevue’s northern city limits and continue to SR-520.  Improvements north and south of the proposed section of 116th Ave NE are now completed and the remaining portion of the corridor has no sidewalks, minimal shoulders – bicycles and pedestrians must use existing travel lane or shoulders and untreated storm water from the roadway enters the adjacent Yarrow Creek.  Bridle Trails State Park, a 480-acre facility that provides equestrian recreational facilities on a regional and local level is a one of a kind facility within the project limits.

Emergency Services Training

This request helps fund essential training for first responders including tactical training in responding to critical emergency situations, particularly those that may take place in highly populated gathering places.  This highly specialized training includes team instruction in disaster recovery after a major structural collapse and countering an active school shooter or terrorist attack, crowd control, and dignitary protection.   This training is important for Kirkland community safety, particularly in light of the number of active corporate leaders that live on the eastside and host gatherings of high profile dignitaries in our community.

City Hall/Public Safety Expansion

After many years of study, the City of Kirkland is proceeding with annexation of the three neighborhoods to their north.  The Kirkland City Council adopted an ordinance annexing the area on December 15, 2009 with an effective date of June 1, 2011.  Kirkland’s current population of 49,010 will increase to approximately 82,000.  This annexation will result in the hire of new staff, particularly in the Police Department, and will require an expansion to City Hall to accommodate these new officers.

Sample Community Letter of Support Support1

Overall Support Letter