Kirkland Views Letters to the Editor moved to sidebar

Dear valued readers, Recently, several suggestions have been made by readers as to how Kirkland Views can better present Letters to the Editor. Some have suggested that letters be placed deeper within the website, and off the front page. Others think that providing prominence to voices which would otherwise be unheard is an important public service of this website.

Kirkland Views is an open forum which welcomes all perspectives and we encourage readers to send us their opinions. In an effort to better organize the front page of Kirkland Views, we have moved Letters to the Editor to the sidebar. They now are removed from the main stream of articles on the front page, but they are still easily accessible in the sidebar.

We very much value the input you give us and we thank you for your participation in our community. We hope this new way of organizing content is helpful. Please let us know.

Thank you for your support.

Rob Butcher