I love and adore Kirkland and I hope you will too - an essay

The following essay on Kirkland was written by Rachel Walen, 11, of Golden, Colorado. Rachel turned in this work as a 5th grade homework project, and now she has shared it with us. Sometimes a child's perspective helps us better appreciate the very special place in which we live. - Admin


Kirkland, Washington

By Rachel Walen

photo1As you walk down the long narrow hallway to anywhere but an airplane, eagerness floods your body. You cant wait to go to a lovely little town you had just discovered by reading a little girl’s writing. This place is called Kirkland, Washington, as you recall.

When you pull up to your hotel you jump out of your socks. You check into the front desk of either the Woodmark or Heathmen hotel ASAP. You go as fast as you can up to your room. You inject the roomkey then quickly pull it out. You swing open the door and there it is. You are starring in awe as you gaze out the window to the picture perfect lake, Lake Washington. You just cant believe your eyes.

You hurry to go on a walk along the side of the lake breathing in the fresh air. You are at peace. Urrr! You wonder what that was. Rrrrettrrrr! You look down. Your stomach is growling. You look at your watch. Its already noon! You were just enjoying the lake. Oh well, you think, I was going to have to eat sometime.

You walked around downtown Kirkland for a while passing a lot of wonderful restaurants including the Cactus, the Brown Bag, the Keg, the Pancake House, Purple, and, of coarse, Starbucks.

After you ate you needed something to do. You could go to the beach, to a swimming area, walk around downtown some more, go boating, or jet skiing…you realize that last one sounded like tons of fun. Your now off having the time of your life.

You now know you spent the rest of your first day having a great time jet skiing. You watch the sun set on the beach while the water darkens and turns to black. You enjoy every moment of it. You reflect on your action pact day and say to your self this will be the most best and awesome trip ever.

Author’s opinion

Kirkland is a wonderful place that I enjoy so much. Being by water is my favorite place to be. When you wake up in the morning while the sun is still rising the lake is as flat as glass. It is a gorgeous sight. I love and adore Kirkland and I hope you will too.