Letter | Why I Voted to Support the LWSD Levies and Bond

By Susan Baird-Joshi

Dear Editor,

I support Lake Washington Schools, and I voted YES to renew the two levies and approve the new construction bond on the Feb. 9 ballot.

The Lake Washington School District Educational Programs and Operations Levy supports 19% of necessary general operations--textbooks, transportation, salaries, etc.  In other words, the levy is a critical stop-gap measure to shore up funding cut by the State.

The Capital Projects levy provides critical funds for key infrastructure needs, such as modernizing or replacing building systems like roofs; purchasing educational software; or installing instructional equipment.  In an electronic era, children are excited to learn in an environment familiar to them--computerized systems.  And teachers look forward to providing a stimulating and creative environment.

The bond will address overcrowding in the schools by adding new elementary schools and expanding high schools to include 9th grade, which academically is part of high school.  The bond combines the need for program expansion with the competitive bidding environment, resulting in the best use of our monies for the future.

LWSD consistently educates our children above the state average, and national polls rank our high schools within the top 100 in the nation.  Today our top quality public schools increase property values and lower crime rates.  Today our schools educate the leaders and citizens who will provide services tomorrow to our communities.

Kirkland residents--please support our future.  Vote to approve the three school-funding measures on the Feb. 9 ballot.


Susan Baird-Joshi