Eastside Corridor Tolling Study for I-405 and SR 167

WSDOT405 The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has completed the Eastside Corridor Tolling Study - a traffic and revenue study including potential funding for future improvements and high occupancy toll (HOT) or express toll lanes on I-405 - for the 2010 Washington State Legislature.

WSDOT405MapThe following activities were part of the study:

  • Develop a plan to operate up to two express toll lanes in each direction on I-405
  • Confer with the mayors and city councils for jurisdictions impacted by express toll lanes
  • Engage the public to solicit their viewpoints and identify concerns

Implementation Strategy

There were four options which the Executive Advisory Group (EAG) studied. The EAG supports implementation of study option 4, which constructs a 40+ mile express toll lane system from the King/Pierce County line on SR 167 to Lynnwood at the I-405/I-5 interchange. This option includes a two-lane express toll lane system on I-405 between the I-405 SR 167 and SR 522 interchanges.

The EAG recommends beginning now with the funded projects in the north end of the Eastside Corridor to allow WSDOT to gain traffic and revenue experience with with express toll lanes, thereby lowing perceived risks and the cost of financing future express toll lane projects.

Designation of the Eastside Corridor as an eligible toll facility in 2010 supports an earlier start on projects on the south end of the corridor for study option 4.