Letter | Council's Political Poppycock

By Robert L. Style
The agenda for the city's Jan 19th meeting is out.  Staff's report on annexation reflects just what we knew and the representatives in the PAA and some on the council ignored.  It's a mess and the consequences are even worse than we forecasted.  We had credibility.
It's too bad we can hold only the two that remain on council accountable, Sternoff who said he didn't want a reduction of services and McBride, both voted for annexation.
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For those candidates who supported annexation, we can only illustrate their failure to understand and appreciate what it would do to the citizens of Kirkland. We need them to understand that government should serve the people, not the people serving government.  Now and for at least 10 more years, we'll suffer greatly.
We'll have to deal with it - political agendas, services that are being devastated, and questionable reasons for council actions.  This information will also come up if County Councilmember Jane Hague runs for reelection.  She's done us great harm.  We need creditability, not political poppycock.

Robert L. Style