It's Official: Mayor Joan McBride and Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet to lead Kirkland City Council

MayorMcBride UPDATED The first Kirkland City Council meeting of 2010 started with the ceremonial swearing in of the the new council members. Kirkland City Clerk Kathi Anderson administered the oath of office to Council Members Joan McBride (Position No. 1), Penny Sweet (Position No. 3), Amy Walen (Position No. 5) and Doreen Marchione (Position No. 7) who were elected to office in the November 2009 general election. McBride has been on the City Council since 1998 and has served as Deputy Mayor since 2002. The newly elected members join Council Members Bob Sternoff (Position No. 2), Jessica Greenway (Position No. 4) and Dave Asher (Position No. 6).

Then the council voted on who would serve as mayor and deputy mayor of the City of Kirkland for the next two years. Joan McBride was elected mayor and Penny Sweet was elected Deputy Mayor. Both votes were 6 to 0. Council Member Sternoff was absent during the regular meeting. After the vote, the newly minted mayor called for a five minute break to greet supporters present in the audience.

The Mayor is elected from within the City Council and presides at City Council meetings and represents the City at various ceremonial functions and at community and intergovernmental meetings. This position does not exercise veto power. The Deputy Mayor is also elected from within the City Council and presides over meetings during the absence of the Mayor.

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