A Great Day at Juanita Bay Park

By Jeff Heinz

I have a big huge "thank you" to the Juanita Bay Park Volunteer Rangers! I for one visit the Juanita Bay Park on a regular basis. I feel very fortunate to have such an amazing place available so close to home. On Sunday, my wife and I went to the free tour at the Juanita Bay Park, that is guided by Volunteer Rangers. Yes, Volunteer Rangers! Its my understanding that because of budget cuts there is no longer a funded coordinator position. This has not stopped these very passionate people from dedicating their time to educate people about the park and its wildlife.


A free interpretive tour with the Juanita Bay Park Rangers. View a variety of plant and animal species. Bring binoculars. Meet in the parking lot. No registration required. Details: 425.587.3300.

The Juanita Bay Park has a great history and currently has some amazing wildlife. If you have not been to the park lately, or maybe have never been to the park, I encourage you to get out there and check it out. The first Sunday of every month at 1pm the Volunteer Rangers offer a guided tour thru the park. They discuss the history of the indians that settled there, thru the time when the park was a golf course, up to present day where some amazing wildlife thrives. On this most recent trip we saw Bald Eagles, Swans, many different kinds of ducks and even a Great Blue Heron sleeping in a tree!

Thank you Faye and Ernie for the day!

Bay Park Tour-2

Bay Park Tour-6

Bay Park Tour-7

Bay Park Tour-4

Bay Park Tour-5

Bay Park Tour-3

Bay Park Tour-1

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