Letter | The unbelievable City Update

By Robert L. Style

The latest quarterly issue of the City Update illustrates why we should question what the city has to say.  Page 3 it talks about “Staff and Service Reductions in Effect.” Paragraph 2 is fabricated to help cover what is obvious to those who attended the budget discussions, the failure of the city to set priorities.

Draft budgets were proposed, one with a $2.2 million increase in Utility Taxes and one without.  Since the majority of null didn't believe the Utility Tax would fly, they proposed a budget that did not include it.  The failure of the Utility Tax increase did not result in the reduction of services.  Bad management did.

More than $3.8 million could have been saved, more than enough to cover the desired unnecessary $2.2 million tax increase.  They didn’t do it.  Instead, the city moved $2.2 million from the capital facility budget including improvements for police facilities to pay for annexation.  There was no shortfall due to the failure of the Utility Tax.  The money was there all along to be used as Council wished.  Evidently to support annexation, they wished to decrease services and fire 29.5 employees.  The city fired the wrong people, those who serve the public. There’s no doubt about it.

The city communications serves the Mayor, not the citizens of Kirkland, writing unbelievable fiction in order to cover what could have and should have been done.  It would be nice if we could believe what the city says.  Don’t.

Robert L. Style