Kirkland start-up gets boost via a splashy recommendation in this month's Men's Health magazine

Kirkland -- Local Kirkland start-up gets boost via asplashy recommendation in this month's Men's Health magazine. "Getting national attention nowadays given the blizzard of messages is quite a challenge, especially for a small west coast business" notes Kirklander Carl Bryant, owner of MrThoughtful. "I surely hope this gives the business an extra boost, especially after the holidays" he added.

The article appears in this month's issue of Men's Health. allows men to manage the process of buying and giving greeting cards, creating an automated 'greeting-card agent' which will select and purchase cards for his select friends and family. Cards and envelopes are sent directly to the guy for adding personal notes and delivery. The customer tells the MrThoughtful program what cards he needs and when he needs them. The customer then receives them on a quarterly basis and even gets an e-mail or a text notification that amounts to: "Hey, thoughtful guy, your wife's birthday is next Wednesday." The men can then reach into the drawer and grab the card, adding personal thoughts, or most likely, simply his name. is the first online endeavor of Thoughtful People, LLC which has grand plans to include the fairer sex once mankind has been made better. Operating out of a Houghton office and garage, it is the work of Carl Bryant, a veteran of dot-coms, primarily in the marketing-services area.