LETTER | New Council's Trust to be Tested

By Robert L. Style

At last night’s Council meeting, the Council approved annexing the PAA 4 to 3.  It was one of the most serious breaches of trust between four elected officials and our citizens that we’ve seen in many years.  The four did not represent the people who elected them.

How we got to this vote is important.  Several Councilmembers lead by Mr. Sternoff said they did not want to reduce services to its citizens. They were disingenuous which brings into question, can we trust them or not.  Mr. Sternoff and three other councilmembers were insincere.

It’s been said that becoming a larger city was necessary to prevent stagnation of potential development.  The Council ignored those who don’t want change because change jeopardizes what we have now.  The annexation does exactly that.  We will be paying more for fewer services.  That is not good.  Our quality of life is being jeopardized.

To pay for “ramping” up of services, the Council must come up with more than $5 million over the next two years from the current city residents.  The people in the PAA are getting what they want at no cost to them.

The PAA will also get to vote for their Kirkland representative if the annexation effective date is move up to June 1st, 2011 from July 1st, 2011.  If moved, Kirkland will lose out on more than $75,000.  Also, the move was instigated by Mr. Toby Nixon who lives in the PAA and just might want to run for a position.  Given his manipulation of information regarding annexation, his trust should also be questioned.

We already know a lot about the new city council.  All of them supported annexation.  Now we need to find out how they plan to pay for it. My guess is they will raise fees and taxes, and once again complete the city’s service matrix to determine which services are essential and which ones are not.  In any case, our services will suffer.  It will be interesting to see whose ox will be gored.  I can almost guarantee the citizens of Kirkland especially the taxpayers will suffer.  At least we’ll find out how each Councilmember wants to spend our money.

Over time we will be able to see if the new Council is more trustworthy than the old Council.  I hope it’s sooner than later.

Robert L. Style