Kirkland City Council prepares to pass annexation ordinance by year end


At the December 1 Kirkland City Council Study Session, annexation and the budget were front and center. With concerns or reservations about annexation expressed by only two councilmembers, it appears that Kirkland will proceed with annexation before the end of the year.

Annexation is on track for passage by the Kirkland City Council. Since annexation received over 50% of the vote in the general election, but did not achieve the required 60% threshold for passage, the council has the ability to accept annexation without the assumption of Kirkland's debt by the Potential Annexation Area (PAA). The PAA rejected the annexation measure (which included assumption of Kirkland's debt) by a mere 7 votes in the general election.

The actual annexation vote totals in the general election were as follows:

Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: *10813/19231 (56.23%)

Proposition A Proposed Annexation, Assumption Of Indebtedness, And Adoption Of Zoning Regulations YES 6291 59.94% NO 4205 40.06%

Since the annexation ballot measure was rejected by the PAA, the Kirkland City Council has several options before them:

  1. Do nothing and leave annexation for the next council to address;
  2. Pass a resolution accepting annexation (with no further action);
  3. Pass a resolution accepting annexation without indebtedness and pass an ordinance to set the annexation in motion.

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