Take this Metro Survey on Park and Ride Parking

King County Metro is getting a lot of  complaints from commuters about not enough parking at the park and rides and they are trying to figure out what to do. They have an online survey that is open until August 19. You can find it here: https://metrofutureblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/take-a-survey-share-input-on-park-and-ride-parking/

King County Metro is seeking input on parking at their Park and Ride lots. Here is the website that describes what they are considering: http://www.kingcounty.gov/transportation/kcdot/MetroTransit/Projects/Parking.aspx

Basically these are the options they are asking people to comment on:

  • Offering free or low-cost carpool permits for transit, vanpool, and/or carpool users with two or more passengers.
  • Offering permits to solo drivers for a fee.
  • Charging daily paid parking for all vehicles.
  • Reducing the maximum length of stay at Metro park-and-rides from 72 hours to 24 hours.
  • Increasing on-site security

Other actions they are considering: increase access to public transportation at our facilities include improving bike and walk conditions, adding bike parking, restriping to fit in more stalls, and expanding our leased-lot program to add new park-and-rides

Kirkland residents should be interested in having their say.