China to test 'Straddle Bus' to cost 60% of subway, carry up to 300 passengers

The idea is to build on top of existing traffic patterns rather than having to dig costly subway systems. Because it relies on more existing infrastructure than a subway, this design is expected to cost just 60 percent of what subways would, and save on the carbon emissions that would result from an equivalent number of cars or regular buses.
— Popular Science


The developers believe this method would be more efficient, in terms of speed and overall cost, than building a subway system. Because the TEB is powered by electricity, the transportation system could also help the country cut down on air pollution.
— CNN Money

Transportation technology #532 that Sound Transit will ignore in favor of the $54,000,000,000 boondoggle they call ST3. If passed by the voters, ST3 will cost over $1 million per every new transit user

Who in their right mind could think that $1 million per rider makes any sense?

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There are surely many questions surrounding the above technology and we do not know if it would be the right solution for our area or not. But one thing is clear: Sound Transit's plan is too expensive and will move so few people that it makes no sense. We need to scrap ST3 and explore other more promising,  methods of moving more people now rather than promises of massive projects not to go online until 2040.