LETTER | Full Environmental Study Should Be Required For Seaplanes

To Whom It May Concern,


My name is John Stephanus and I have lived at 4611 Lake WA Blvd. NE in Kirkland for just under 20 years.


One of the attributes that attracted me to this area was the serenity and beautiful nature.  My wife and 6 year old daughter and I love to enjoy walking up to Carillon Point and further to Kirkland downtown.


I am very worried that the proposed Seaplane Airport at Carillon Point will significantly and negatively alter this serenity.  My office is in the South Lake Union area, and I am very familiar with the noise from seaplanes.  This is not a big deal in the SLU area…as it is mostly commercial.  But for a mostly residential area like we have surrounding Carillon Point, it would be bad.  No one wants to listen to loud seaplanes coming and going.


Therefore, I very much think that the proposed Seaplane Airport at Carillon Point should not be allowed.  At the minimum, a full EIS should be required prior to making any determination as to the suitability of such Seaplane Airport.


Thanks much,


John Stephanus