LETTER | Ideas to improve downtown; Council contact information


I think it might be valuable if you published the email addresses of our city council and key officials in Kirkland. I know I should already have them, but I don't and constantly wish I had them. 

Various nits:

Included is picture is of highly visible alley between Aura and SkinTegrity. 

A casual observation says that there are many distracted drivers in Kirkland. Some extra enforcement of crosswalks and of whatever anti texting while driving laws exist is in order. 

Park Place was supposed to be a auto/ped shared area, but there are no signs, even just an appropriate 10 mph sign.  I understand that signs are ugly, but nobody from outside Kirkland knows the Park Place story. 

These are the kind of things I would email a city council person about (or police chief). 

Bob McConnell

The Kirkland City Council is eager to hear from its citizens and we encourage you to contact them directly. - Ed.