LETTER | Administrative Acts Going Wild Without Hearings


Administration needs accountability.

It looks like we have to wait until the next election in 2017 in order to improve staff accountability since Council provides them with its “guidance”.

It would be foolish for me to run for office.  In order to do that, I would have to become a politician, someone whom I don't trust.  I prefer to stay truthful and help identify those who are not.

Regarding annexation: The Growth Management Act (a state law) has many provisions; however Councilmembers chose to cherry pick those that Council wanted, not those which could have kept Kirkland a city we made and paid for.  Instead, when it comes to representing Kirkland, the Council chose a holier than thou approach without a hearing.

The Council voted for more density, more traffic but failed to implement provisions that could have been chosen to prevent traffic jams.  Many Kirkland citizens want to remain suburban.  They want Concurrency but they were denied by Council.  It was an opportunity lost.

The Council chose to increase urbanizing and become crowded.     

The Act specifies growth is the responsibility of the County, not cities.  Many jurisdictions didn't want to increase density but Kirkland City Council did.  Council condoned the Urban Growth Boundary Line without a vote from citizens. 

Council was also advised to provide transportation networks in support for mass transit.  They have not done so and now we have more and longer traffic jams.

Through their planners, Councilmembers maneuvered to insure the County's version was adopted.  Kirkland and other jurisdictions were urged, even threatened by the County to withhold state funds in order to have their version of Kirkland to become a highly dense, non-suburban community instead of remaining the beautiful and responsive suburban community made and paid for by the people who live here.  We want a suburban city, not a more crowed one.

Until 2017 election, I want our citizens not to forget what Council has done and will do if re-elected.


Robert L. Style