LETTER | Finn Hill Needs More Say Over Land Use


The question is: What are they tearing up along Juanita Drive?

The ravine of Denny Park is across Juanita Drive from a development project and we have seen a tremendous loss of topsoil in Denny Park into Denny Creek through erosion and poor surface water management practices. Retention ponds are not a winning answer in this war to keep top soil. Ponds are hazards for children and with their pooled water are Mosquito breeding grounds. When Mother Nature does cut loose showers having extreme rainfall… Retention Ponds do not contain gully washing events. Trees and shrubs root systems do the Job.
That said… who the heck let these people screw up Juanita Drive AGAIN! Green belts along Juanita Drive always made it feel as a Drive in the Country. One of two thing happened. Either the contractor was breaking the law or… there is an appalling lack of City of Kirkland over-sight. What WE HAVE NOW IS…. Stripped land and views of Fiber BOARD boxes 10 feet apart! Get some local control...Yes the same as Houghton Community council with permitting veto power or we will live in L.A. BOX conditions. 
To be clear, I am a big fan of the Houghton Community Council. As the City of Kirkland has grown, the HCC has provided a mechanism for providing more granular control over land use issues which affect us here in the Houghton Neighborhoods. Finn Hill must have this type of control also.
HCC's formation was an essential condition for the citizens of the City of Houghton to approve a merger with the City of Kirkland in 1968. It preserves local control over land use decisions within Houghton to protect the character of the community. HCC has worked very effectively with Kirkland’s city council and staff for over forty years. HCC does not vote on matters outside its boundaries. Wake UP Finn Hill you have NO voice.

Patrick E. O’Brien