Historic Building Needs Renovation: Public Comment on Seminary at Saint Edward State Park Ends Aug 5

Public Comment Accepted Through Aug. 5

The historic Seminary at Saint Edward State Park is in dire need of renovation yet the state cannot afford to preserve without partnering with the private sector to create an economically viable plan to move forward. 

Interior of Seminary Building today

Interior of Seminary Building today

The project is well described in this Seattle Times article, and in this City of Kenmore link.  The loudest voices against the project are from neighbors (here’s the website of the group opposing development).  The previous proposal from the McMenamin’s was scuttled by such opposition. Now we have another chance to save the building and we hope rational voices will prevail. You can add you voice to the record as public comments are accepted through August 5th. 

Below are a few photos we took in 2014 during a tour of the building.

Despite neighbors’ concerns, the current proposal seems balanced and in the public interest.  The opposition to this restoration project don’t seem have a good answer to the question of what should be done with this historic building instead (other than asking taxpayers to pick up the tab for $14 million in deferred maintenance, or as described on the opposition website, “opening the walls to the sky” by removing the roof and hollowing out the building—also at taxpayer expense). 

Here is a prior project by the developer:

We believe this is the right developer, with a proven track record of creating beautiful spaces and restoring the majesty of our historic, yet sadly neglected buildings.

We believe that only a public-private partnership can finance a project of this scale as the state simply does not have the money to go it alone.

We believe this is the right project at the right time. 

We urge you to support the renovation of the Seminary at Saint Edward State Park. 

Help save Saint Edward Seminary building and share your comments.