Heard On The Street: Historic House Potential Routes Include Lake Ave. W., Marina Park

Nickel Bros. Seeks Local Buyer, otherwise historic Trueblood house will be barged out of town

According to Jeff McCord of the Nickel Brothers, the historic Kirkland home they purchased is for sale with three potential buyers. One of the three is local. The other two prospects are a nonprofit in the San Juan Islands and Historic Seattle. Nickel Brothers is still seeking a local option, ideally a plot of land within 3-4 blocks.

Which way will it go?

If the purchaser is outside of Kirkland, then things get interesting. The 100 year old house will need to be barged out of town and there are two potential routes available to access Lake Washington:

1. Marina Park; and

2. Lake Avenue West Park.

McCord informs us that the City of Kirkland prefers the Lake Avenue West route as it would have a lower impact than using Marina Park. Either way, the move would be scheduled for evening hours when there would be lower impact on residents.

The house is currently parked (literally) on 7th Ave. in Norkirk. It will remain on site for 30 to 90 days as the company attempts to surmount several hurdles of moving the house including temporary moving of power lines.